Private Tours

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1916 Rising Tour

Dublin's only free 1916 Rising walking tourrnThe Dublin you visit today is very much shaped by what happened on our streets here 100 years ago. The dramatic events of Easter week 1916 saw armed rebel forces of citizens & volunteers occupy key buildings & locations in an insurrection against British rule. The bloodshed & conflict of that week left Dublin... Read more & Booking

Brew Legacy Tour

No other free walking tour will offer you free beer samples!rnDublin has a timeless legacy for quality beer brewing and was home to an absolutely thriving beer producing economy throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Join us on this free walking tour to learn the fascinating story of our brewing heritage, how our world-famous Guinness brand dominated... Read more & Booking

Musical Dublin

Ireland, for such a little country, has produced some of the greatest and most influential musical acts and still today we make a remarkable impact on the music world.Stroll through the capital and discover the stories behind some of our much loved musicians, from famous Rock & Blues acts such as Thin Lizzy, U2 and Rory Gallagher, to our native... Read more & Booking

Howth tour

North-east of the bustling urban centre of Dublin lays a quaint and peaceful peninsula waiting to be explored. Just a short journey out of town brings you to Howth, a little fishing village nestled in stunning natural scenery which is perfect for a fantastic few hours out of Dublin. rnBreath-taking views will await us as we stroll... Read more & Booking

City of rebels and revolution

The Ireland of today has been shaped by a long history of risings, rebellion, revolution and war which saw Ireland cease being a dominion of Great Britain and indeed trigger the Empire's demise. Much of this turbulent history was played out on the streets of Dublin and this tour will take you through the key events, the lives of... Read more & Booking

Literary Walk

What does it mean to be Irish? Many famous Irish characters have attempted to define 'Irishness' or indeed establish if it exists at all! The Irish Literary revival was key in defining Irish identity against the legacy of colonial rule and has had a lasting influence on our creative thinking. Join the 3 hour free walking tour and learn how... Read more & Booking